MTN- Mosquito Trapping Net    Mission EHMFH



A Simple and New Solution To a Bigger and Age Old Problem

Our Mission

Every Home, A Mosquito Free Home

This mission started by Inventor of MosquitoTrapping Net – MTN on being inspired by it’s effectiveness to make any home mosquito free without use of any chemical or electricity or effort, even without producing any smoke or smell and NOT even pinching to user’s pocket.Many impossible things have been achieved with modern technology still our houses are not mosquito free. To protect every needy from irritating mosquito bite and related diseases
PLEASE JOIN THIS MISSION To Defeat Human Killer No 1
Who kills 7 lakh people every year world wide Irritates half of the world Population
How to Join and Help the Mission
By Liking and sharing MTN Face Book Page or it’s website or Miss Call By Liking and sharing MTN related photos and videos By Educating 5 Friends or poor uneducated persons Off Line By Forwarding this message to social networking groups By Saving this message in your mobile -computer – Tab

Contact www.MosquitoTrappingNet.com WhatsApp-Mob No: 98 307 37 304 FB Page-Mosquito Trapping Net-MTN

https://web.facebook.com/Mosquito-Trapping-Net-MTN-296089100548309 https://mobile.facebook.com/pages/Mosquito-Trapping-Net-MTN/296089100548309

Make a Positive Change In Human Value

Let us know your interest and participation by a miss call or liking our FaceBook Page or visiting our website

Please Share this message , Every sharing will reduce your future mosquito bite and will Save Rs 100/- of your friend every month


You Shared-Liked &Used by Neighbor-Trapped&Killed -Mosquitoes Not able to return to Breed in common area To produce 200 eggs per week -Mosquito Population Decreased-Less bite to you- –

User’s Home mosquito count becomes nearly zero _No need of repellents – No expenditure- saved Rs 100/- every month cost of repellents also gets higher level protection from mosquito..

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